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Matthew Summer aka Matt:

A scruffy twenty-something part-time inventor of rarely working appliances build from junkyard scrap. The other half of his time he sleeps away at a boring office job dreaming of his co-worker Eline. He is currently living together with/harboring an alien matchmaker he accidentally ordered. He tells himself he is still in dire need of a girlfriend. We know better.


A talentless but energetic intergalactic matchmaker who is rarely seen without the company of his flying green sheep. Adan appeared in Matt's life quite suddenly and seems rather reluctant to leave. Especially after Matt agreed to take the bumbling matchmaker as his date to save him from harsh company policies regarding failing employees. Adan also seems to omit a lot of particulars about the contract Matt signed with said company and there's equally few mention of payment.

The flying green sheep:

They're pan galatic beings we perceive as hovering green space sheep. Though this may just be a joke on their part, though. They seem to be perpetually moody and like to pester Matt. They apparently eat electricity or something.

The PhoneHome club:

They seem to be a bunch of peculiar fanatic sci-fi fans and the closest thing Matt has resembling a social life. (even though they tricked him into a life long membership) The device he tinkered together that called down Adan was ordered by the club for a sci-fi convention.